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In today’s real estate market, it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. K. Elliott Media creates cutting-edge visual content for MLS, your website, and social channels. Our professional photography captures the essence of each space, creating an immediate impact. HGTV-type video walkthroughs offer immersive experiences that resonate with potential buyers, and aerial photos and video provide a unique perspective, showcasing the full scope of a property. Additionally, Matterport 3D Tours revolutionize virtual exploration, engaging buyers in an interactive journey. Combine all this with the ability to reach targeted local buyers on popular Streaming TV channels with unskippable 30 second video ads for as little as $.02 per impression and you have a competitive advantage in an uncertain market. These visual assets will attract more attention, foster deeper connections, and ultimately drive faster, more successful sales.

Real Estate Marketing Solutions

Professional Photography

Our expert lens captures the essence of each space, presenting your listings in the best light. From striking exteriors to inviting interiors, our images showcase your properties with unparalleled visual appeal, making a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Innovative Video Walkthroughs

Entice prospective sellers with a truly unique marketing concept! Our HGTV-Inspired Video Walkthroughs feature you guiding prospective buyers through the home, pointing out features, answering questions, and fostering a personal connection with a 'soft-sell' style.

Matterport 3D

Immerse potential buyers in an interactive exploration of every detail, bringing properties to life in a virtual dimension. Stand out in the market by offering an unparalleled, engaging experience that goes beyond traditional viewing, showcasing your listings in a truly memorable way.

Streaming TV Ads

Our engaging 30 second non-skippable Smart TV ads enable you to reach targeted local buyers on more than 400 popular streaming channels and apps like Fox News, CNN, Peacock, TBS, NatGeo, HGTV, and many more! Be one of the first in your market to leverage the power of OTT ads in Real Estate Marketing.

A New Approach to Real Estate Video

Play Video

We set out to create a different type of real estate video for agent, Melissa Mullis, and the result was something similar in feel to the laid-back conversational format made popular by HGTV.

Play Video

In this real estate walkthrough video we follow along as RE/MAX agent Melissa Mullis shows a prospective buyer through a lovely country home. This format creates a comfortable role for the viewer, while highlighting important features.

Play Video

Our 60-second real estate ‘fly-throughs’ provide an immersive experience for the viewer since much of it is shot in a single take. The ‘speedramp’ editing technique allows us to draw attention to certain features while keeping the overall length short to hold the viewer’s attention. This 9:16 format performs well on Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok as well as YouTube Shorts.

Real Estate Photography

We offer professional real estate photography with quick turn around, at an affordable price.

Connect with local buyers like never before with 30 second [non-skippable] Smart TV ads.

With Smart TV advertising, you choose where to run your ads - down to zip code level. You can target local buyers by age, gender, household income, and interests. Your ads will be seen across more than 400 popular streaming channels and apps like Fox News, CNN, Peacock, TBS, NatGeo, HGTV, for as little as $.02 per view! You'll enjoy near real-time reporting on ad delivery and engagement. And, perhaps best of all, you can get started today for as little as $500 in ad spend!*

*Ad creation available starting at $500.

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